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Nathan Stephens
It is one of the untold tales from the glorious summer of British Sport, the flip side to the torrent of triumph, the story that got sidelined with so much success.

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Josie Pearson
The child's question "How can I become a Paralympian?" to gold medallist Josie Pearson shows the impact the London Paralympics have had in the cutest possible way.

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Aled Davies
Aled Davies is an example of the Paralympians moving into the mainstream competing alongside able-bodied athletes and against them.

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Chris Coleman
Two life changing events, a car crash and the death of a close friend, have been pieces in a jigsaw which has seen Chris Coleman become the Wales football manager.

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In This Issue

Nathan Stephens - Paralympic heartbreak
Josie Pearson - Golden girl
Aled Davies - New challenges
View from the Top - First Minister Carwyn Jones
Chris Coleman - Welsh Football's main man
Bigger Picture
Rising Star Awards
Lynn Howells
Non Stanford - Taking on the world
Spire - Sports injury CLinic
Michaela Breeze
Tackling homophobia
Tom Harvey - Go-karting hope
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